LYGIA Shader Library

lch2srgb (lygia/color/space/lch2srgb)

Converts a Lch to sRGB color space. Note: LCh is simply Lab but converted to polar coordinates (in degrees).



lch2srgb(<vec3|vec4> color)

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#ifndef FNC_LCH2SRGB
#define FNC_LCH2SRGB
vec3 lch2srgb(vec3 lch) { return lab2srgb( lch2lab(lch) ); }
vec4 lch2srgb(vec4 lch) { return vec4(lch2srgb(,lch.a);}


LYGIA is dual-licensed under the Prosperity License and the Patron License for sponsors and contributors.

Sponsors and contributors are automatically added to the Patron License and they can ignore the any non-commercial rule of the Prosperity Licensed software (please take a look to the exception).

It's also possible to get a permanent comercial license hook to a single and specific version of LYGIA.

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